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Audition Preparation:

Q: Is pre-registration required in order to attend the auditions?

A: Pre-registration is recommended but is not required. If you pre-register, then you will know in advance that you are guaranteed a spot at the auditions. To pre-register, please visit www.divergentballet.com.


Q: What requirements are there for the audition picture?

A: At the audition you will be required to submit one non-returnable black and white or color photo ranging in size from 4 x 6 to 5x 7 that shows the student’s first arabesque line (on pointe or demi-pointe) clearly in center and one informal headshot (does not need to be professional). It is recommended by DBC staff that first arabesque photos are taken in a dance studio. Female students should have hair pulled into a bun for their headshot.


Q: How much experience on pointe should a dancer have before attending an audition?

A: It is best for students to have two or three months of experience on pointe at the time of the audition. If the student is not ready to begin pointe work, she may still audition.


Q: How will I know if my Pre-Registration Form or Audition Video has been received?

A: DBC will send you a confirmation email upon the receipt of your Pre-Registration Form. Payment will be charged on the day your audition application is received.


Q: What are the auditions like?

A: The audition will be a ballet class starting with barre and progressing through center work.


Q: Is there a dress code for the auditions?

A: Yes, there is a dress code. Girls should wear pink, full-length tights and black leotards with ballet slippers and should bring pointe shoes if applicable for the last twenty minutes of class. Boys should wear white t-shirts and black, full-length tights with ballet slippers.


Q: What do you look for in the auditions?

A: We evaluate dancers on the basis of the level of their classical ballet technique, with special attention to adagio, jumps, turns, and pointe work. We also assess the dancers on their retention of combinations, stamina, musicality, work ethic, attitude, and potential.


Q: What if I can’t make it to a scheduled audition?

A: You can submit a video audition. Video auditions must be completed via the website. The deadline for video auditions is July 1, 2017. An audition fee of $40 will be required to complete your video audition (credit card only). Please visit www.divergentballet.com for further details on how to send a Video Audition.

Audition Results:

Q: How soon will I find out the results of my audition?

A: Immediately. Dancers will know if they have been accepted into the trainee program, given a spot on the company or will be asked to continue their training and try again next year.


Q: When will I receive the results from my video audition?

A: All results from video audition submissions received by July 1, 2017 will be sent by July 13, 2017.


Q: Can DBC provide specific feedback from the audition classes?

A: Unfortunately, DBC is unable to provide specific training feedback from the audition classes. Students who are not accepted should continue to work on overall strength, technique and pointe work. DBC encourages prospective students to continue working hard to achieve their goals and audition again in the future.

Program Info:

Q: Does DBC offer financial aid?

A: DBC does have a limited number of full and partial scholarships. Scholarship decisions are made based on merit and financial need. If applying for financial aid please submit the scholarship application form along with your audition application form. DBC will notify students who are awarded scholarships at the time of acceptance. We encourage our students to explore alternate funding possibilities for their training. Several students have had success in finding local or corporate sponsors as well as crowdfunding campaigns.


Q: How do I make a tuition payment?

A: Tuition payments will be automatically withdrawn and can be set up monthly, quarterly or yearly. A 5% discount is given to any accounts choosing to pay in full.


Q: How many pairs of pointe shoes should a dancer expect to purchase?

A: The number of pointe shoes needed for the year depends on the strength of the dancer’s feet, the brand of shoe, and humidity. Dancers will be on pointe everyday in very humid weather. Therefore, we suggest that each dancer have two pairs of pointe shoes with them at all times. Dancers are encouraged to take care of their shoes and use hardeners when necessary to lengthen the life of their pointe shoes.


Q: How many productions will DBC Produce?

A: As of summer 2017 the Company members will produce two shows as a company and will perform several times throughout the year at various events and competitions.


Q: What does the 7 dimensions of wellness training and mentorship look like?

A: The core principle of living a balanced life is the foundation of the Divergent Ballet Company. We believe that by focusing our attention in each of the 7 dimensions of wellness the dancers will thrive in each area. Many times we see a struggle in several of the areas in ballet dancers and it is our goal to provide a program that focuses both on our strengths and our weaknesses in and outside the studio.

Q: What is the YAGP Advanced Training Experience?

A: Please see below for all information regarding YAGP.

  • YAGP Program Info:
    – Eligibility: Must be 9 years old by January 1, 2018
    Pre-Competitive Category Ages 9-11
    – Junior Category Ages 12-14
    – Senior Category Ages 15-19